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Health Disparities

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Share your thoughts and work:


ROUGH DRAFT: click here


- Notes from Jan 7 Hight St Clinic meeting - Click here


- Sarah Alper's notes on "Why We Don’t Come" and "Analysis of Health Appointment No-Shows" - Click here


-Here is a great report on cultural brokers.  Click here


Here are notes from an e-mail from Marie Meckel at Mason Square. Click here


--outline https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gt2QDMKAoOGLX2BYEQx3H9rNTifN5OtTUjkBCRsvV-g/edit?authkey=CMHG1-wK#


- Notes on High Street Health Center: click here


- Reasons and Solutions for No-Shows: click here


-An excellent presentation by Dr. Andrew Balder on birth outcome disparities in Springfield.  Click here


- Notes from Patricia McManus: click here


- Notes from Mason Square Neighborhood Health Center: click here


- Notes from Meeting with Maritza Smidy: click here


- Notes from Phone Call with Janis Dillard: click here


--Notes from phone conference with Jill: 



- Sophia's breakdown of our findings: click here


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